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Stories from the valley

Water under the Bridge

Contributed by Paul Buttner

Some might say it’s just water under a bridge.  A few night’s ago, however, it seemed like much more than that.

I recently did something I haven’t done in a very long time.  I walked alone on the Capitol Bridge in route to a Sacramento RiverCats baseball game.  I have made this trek at least 100 times taking my boy to Cats games virtually all of his life.  He’s 11 now.


As I stopped and watched the Sacramento River flow slowly to sea while missing my young baseball fan I reflected on years past.  The earliest of those I carried him across the bridge in a backpack.  Then we graduated to a stroller or just hurling him up on my shoulders.  I smiled a bit and thought about how I miss the old days.  I stood and pondered about how quickly the years had passed.  Now, just starting middle school, he often walks ahead of me; just enough to allow me to envision when he will someday walk alone to a game or maybe even with his own kids.

Seems like only yesterday that we would grab rocks from the trail next to the river just for the thrill of throwing them from “our special bridge” while coming from a game on a cool summer night.  How I miss those days when even the simplest things were so amazing to him.

As I stood and watched the water pass under me I was reminded that, just like the moments of our lives, each molecule is precious and, once it passes, there is no getting it back.  Here’s to taking the time to savor all the precious moments with our kids.