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Stories from the valley

Abundant Snow

Contributed by Eileen Javora Boeger

It always amazes me how much a layer of snow dampens the ambient noise of the world. Its beauty is remarkable spread across the vines. We were treated to the delight of winter in December with snow falling on three consecutive days in El Dorado County. Ending  2021 with a thick snowy quilt is a serene end to an otherwise challenging year. From Coronavirus to the Caldor Fire, there’s been no shortage of stress in our neck of the woods so when six inches fell between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, creating a peaceful and subdued environment, we welcomed it as a sign of hope and optimism for the year to come.

snow in vineyard

As 2021 would have it, the snow did come with its troubles. Thousands did lose power thanks to the weight of the snow on our beautiful oaks and pines. But the beauty cannot be ignored. Every leaf, twig, branch, vine was covered in white and a sight to see.

The icy precipitation is appreciated not only for its magnificence, but also for its promise of the replenishment of our water supply upon which we all depend. This month’s snow and rain has been record-setting in our area and Sierra by some standards. Clearly, there’s still a lot of time in the rain season for things to change, but at least we’re getting off on the right foot.

snow in vineyard

As far as the vineyards are concerned, the vines are not concerned in the least by the cold. They are happily slumbering away, awaiting the warmth of spring to awaken and begin the next growing season. The vineyards will remain untouched for now, crews will return in early February to start the delicate process of pruning the vines. 

Until then, we reflect on the beauty of winter and promise of the year ahead.