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Stories from the valley

Dining off the Five

Contributed by Steve Beckley

I travel Interstate 5 regularly through the Sacramento Valley.  I enjoy traveling the back roads of the area, but sometimes I need to get somewhere a little quicker and the 5 is the solution. There are some great eating places along the route and a few of my go to places are:

Dunnigan – The Las Islitas Taco Truck is a stop for me.  They feature seafood and the Octopus (Pulpo) Tostado is my favorite.  It’s located on the grounds of the old Bill and Kathy’s Restaurant, right under the iconic sign.


The Arbuckle Golf Course is a place for breakfast and great hamburgers and if you have time you can get in a little golf.   Just take head west on Hillgate Road. They are closed on Mondays. Also in Arbuckle is El Jalisience serving good Mexican Food and located on 5th street.  If I’m coming from Grimes in the evening, this is one of my dinner stops.


You have lots of choices here, and most of the chains are represented at this crossroads of I 5 and State Route 20. There is even a Starbucks in Williams.  I try to go where the tourists don’t, so I head to Roberta’s Taqueria, Williams Chinese Restaurant, or the Taqueria at Fortuna Bakery. You can eat in the back of the grocery store of the Fortuna Bakery and don’t miss the opportunity to buy a piñata.


There’s only one stop for me here and that’s Kim’s Country Cafe located on old Hwy 99.   Not just good food, but a place to catch up with the local news.  As several Yelp reviewers called it, “A true country cafe”.


One of the “big” towns along I-5 in the Sacramento Valley and home to two unique eating establishments.  One is Nancy’s Airport Cafe located west of the freeway at the Glenn County Airport, where you will find a combination of pilots, truckers, tourist, locals, and racers having a meal.  If I don’t stop in Maxwell for breakfast, this is my stop. The other is the Last Stand on Tehama Street with its outside patio where you stand at the bar.  Always good burgers and cold drinks available here.


Some of the best food in the valley can be found at Farwood Bar and Grill.  It is located in downtown Orland.  If you need a taco fix check the Tacos El Grullense Truck located on Swift St.


I’m headed up the 5 through Corning in the near future and Bartel’s Giant Burger was recommended to me.  So, I now have my lunch stop for the trip.

I know I left some great places of the list, so if you have a favorite please list in the comments.  I’m always looking for new places to dine.