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Stories from the valley

Get to know Knights Landing

Contributed by Jennifer Harrison

Less than 1,000 people and no stoplight, Knights Landing is another small Sacramento Valley spot that makes this region unique. The quintessential valley town is only .5 mile big and is anchored by the Sacramento River, the longest river in California. Swing by for beautiful river views, a touch of California history and some real farm to fork sightings.

Must see mural

A stunning scene is painted on the local gas station and it’s truly a work of art. The large mural represents many aspects of the community, with a nod to the different cultures and agriculture roots that define Knights Landing.

Wonderful water

The Sacramento River is the lifeblood of this tiny town. The river runs right through it’s center, and in the late 1800s Knights Landing was used as a steamboat landing spot and an important area that connected people east and west of the river.

Food at your feet

Calling all foodies. Your favorite sushi roll may have its beginnings in Knights Landing. Come springtime, see rice in its growing glory. Take a left on Fourth Street, also known as Highway 45. You get so close to rice fields you could practically dip your toe in them as you drive.

Authenticity with a twist

Mom and pop eateries add flavor, no pun intended, to any area, and Knights Landing has such a place, Las Maracas Mexican restaurant. Family run, it’s said some customers drive nearly an hour for Las Maracas good grub. Besides the traditional Mexican food, how does a bacon wrapped burrito sound? Take a trek to Knights Landing to find out. Then drive less than a mile and see your future sushi roll get its start.