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Stories from the valley

Healthy Resolutions

Contributed by Jennifer Harrison

January is coming to a close, how’s your New Year’s resolution going? By mid-February, only a sliver (20 percent) of resolution-making folks maintain their promises.  If you’re trying to change your diet, Sacramento Valley farmstands may be the ticket to healthy eating in 2020. Here’s how..

Orange therapy

As winter wears on, citrus heats up.  Oranges, mandarins, clementine grapefruits, and kumquats are in season. One peek at Ikedas, with locations in Davis and Auburn, and you will see a bounty of these citrus stars.   

Wild River Fruit, out of Marysville grows an organic mandarin that’s easy to peel, making it a perfect snack. They also grow kiwis, which are in season now.  Sweeter and healthier than processed treats, incorporate these fruits into your menu plan for a satisfying and easy way to keep your resolution.  

Good for you eats and recipes to the rescue

Tony’s Fruit Stand in Marysville has a steady supply of nutritional superstars: olive oil, honey, dried and fresh fruit. At  Sohnrey Family Foods, in Oroville, almonds and almond butter are the stars of the show. Full of protein, and good for you fats (monounsaturated fats, omega-3 fatty acids) these locally grown goodies are satisfying and healthy.  Speaking of healthy, check out many of theses famstand’s facebook pages to get recipe ideas and see what they currently have in season.  

Local and Seasonal

Farmstands, by their very nature, stock up on what’s local and seasonal, two key elements of healthy eating.   As the year ticks on Charter’s Family Fruit Stand in Williams (open seasonally) and Stephens Farmhouse in Yuba City are additional places that have a steady supply of fruits, vegetables and other nutritional eats. So hit the road, and find healthy eating at a Sacramento Valley farmstand near you.