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Stories from the valley

My 10 Favorite Valley Restaurants

Contributed by Steve Beckley

I have favorite cafes/restaurants that I make regular stops at to eat in the Sacramento Valley. They may not be the fanciest places, but they fit my top requirements for a dining establishment – that they have good food, but also locals are there so I can find out what’s happening in the area.

Among my favorites for a meal are:

Brick Coffee House, Marysville

Great coffee, breakfasts, and lunches, I stop here when in town on business and also during the Bok Kai Parade and Peach Festival.

College City Market, College City

Big sandwiches is how you describe the food here.  A lunch stop for many local growers.


Jeff’s Frezzette, Colusa

I’ve been coming here since I was a child, originally was named Rick’s, the new owner Jeff has done a great job carrying on the tradition.  One of the few places you can get a deep fried hot dog, orange or root beer freeze.

Food 1

Kim’s Country Café, Maxwell

This is where you find out what’s happening in Maxwell.  A breakfast stop for me on my way to Chico and other points north.  Lunches are great too.

Last Stand Bar and Grill, Willows

You can stand at an outside bar or eat inside.  I seem to always land up here after doing a photo or blog project in the area. Great burgers and cold beer.

Louis Cario’s, Williams

Close to home so I am going to see people I know.  Excellent food and wonderful garlic bread.  Have never been bothered by vampires after eating here.


Oasis Bar and Grill, Chico

Had the best cheeseburger in town when I was in college and they are still great.  If a picture of a dive bar is needed in the dictionary this place would qualify.

Food 2

Road Trip Bar and Grill, Capay

A meal stop for me when I am in the Capay Valley or heading for the Dunnigan Hills or Hungry Hollow.  Wonderful tribute in the patio area to our veterans and fallen heroes.

The Ranch House, Yuba City

Excellent food, I usually have the Cow Tips and eat in the bar where I can visit with folks and catch up on the games on TV.


Rocco’s Bar & Grill, Colusa

A stop for me when I’m looking for more “formal” dining in Colusa.  Good food and always someone in there I know.  An added bonus is that one of the owner’s father was born in my home town of Grimes.

Food 3


If you see me in any of the above, say Hi.  Coming in 2016 I’ll have a blog on the taco trucks and taquerias in our area.