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Stories from the valley

Serenity Now!

Contributed by Jim Morris

Perhaps it’s a product of my now being eligible for some senior citizen discounts, but I’ve been trying to slow the pace of life a bit.

When everything is moving at warp speed, it’s time to find ways to slow it down a notch. For me, that means a road trip, most often to the Sacramento Valley. Here are some of my favorite categories to bring a little calm to the crazy:

Take a 360-degree view of your surroundings

If you have a list and you just stick to your list, you very well might miss some off the beaten path beauty.  For example, if you’re looking for wildlife in the valley, considering looking for their telltale signs as well, like owl pellets, feathers or animal tracks. It’s a great conversation starter with your kids.

Animal Tracks

History doesn’t have to be boring

There are many signs in the valley that provide a glimpse into our past. Off of Highway 20 between Yuba City and Colusa, you can learn more about our region’s connection to one of the most popular fruit varieties in history.

Grape Designation

Small Town Charm

Try a mom and pop restaurant for a change. Take a drive through some of our region’s small communities like Gridley, Biggs, Colusa and Marysville.  I find a lot of charm and peace when I take a few moments to soak in the ambiance.

school marquee sign

Make New Friends

Tony’s Fruit Stand off of Highway 70 near Marysville has great local produce. They also have a cat that I must see every time I visit. Appreciate the people (and their pets) that you see along the way!

Cat laying on a barrel

Hard to match this Artwork

Traveling early or late is fantastic. You not only find less traffic but it puts you in position to enjoy some of the amazing sunrises and sunsets in our region!