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Stories from the valley

Six Feet in a Week

Contributed by Tim Johnson

Up until Thanksgiving, rainfall for the year looked pretty grim. For some, grim turned into early fear of a drought. Living in the Sierra foothills, I have to admit to being a bit anxious as I looked out to ripe tomatoes still on the vine and the trees still heavy with golden leaves. All that changed however in just a few days. Captured best by the headline from the local CBS station – 6 feet in a week above Tahoe!

What is more, lots of rain fell in throughout the region. Sacramento received over 2 inches over the weekend. We are 6.67 inches for the season here in Placerville, a full inch more rain than last year. A look at the reservoirs shows all at the historic average for this time of year, carrying a good amount of storage into the winter. Perhaps the best news is that we are set for more rain this weekend!

With ski resorts going from closed to all runs open in one week, it is good reminder that a few weeks in early winter do not a rainy season make!