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Stories from the valley

Taco Time in the Sacramento Valley

Contributed by Steve Beckley

Taco trucks and taquerias are a fixture in the Sacramento Valley and serve great food.  I eat at them on a regular basis as I travel the area.  Not only do they serve tacos, but also burritos, tamales, tortas, and many other Mexican dishes. 

Some of my favorites are:

Antonio's quick lunch restaurant

  • Antonio’s Quick Lunch, Yuba City – The name is what drew me to this place, but their 75-cent tacos is what keeps bringing me back.  They are in a new location on Colusa Ave and have a drive through.
  • California Taco Truck, Durham – Have stopped here a few times on my way home from Chico.  Excellent food.  It’s located at the corner of Midway and the Durham Dayton Hwy.
  • Crazy Taco Truck, Willows – Located just off Tehama Street, this is where I get my quick taco fix when I am in the area.  Has seating under a covered area. 
  • La Fortuna Bakery, Williams – This place is a combination bakery, grocery store and taqueria on F Street.  Not only can you get great Mexican food here, you can purchase a piñata.
  • Rico’s Taqueria Stand, Farmers Market, Chico – There’s no better place to have a tamale than a farmers’ market.  Fresh produce and Mexican food are a great way to start a Saturday morning!

Roberta's Taqueria

  • Roberta’s Taqueria, Williams – I was drawn to this place by the bright yellow color it’s painted, but now come back for the fantastic carnitas.  It’s located just off I-5 on E Street. 
  • Tacos La Barca Truck, Colusa – Located on Hwy 45 (Market St) it has excellent tacos.  I usually purchase my lunch and, then head up to the Levee Park and watch the Sacramento River go by.
  • Taco Michoacán Truck, Arbuckle– Located on 5th street, this is a stop for me when I’m headed over to Grimes where I usually eat the tacos under a tree at the farm I was raised on.
  • Tacos El Grullense Truck, Chico – Located on Park Ave, I discovered this truck one day when I was short on time and needed lunch.  Have been going back ever since.
  • Taqueria La Authenica de Colima, Colusa – This Taqueria is located just off Bridge Street and has a great patio for enjoying your lunch.  This was a house at one time.  Usually have the carne asada burrito.

antonios tacos

I’m sure many of the readers have favorite trucks and taquerias in the Sacramento Valley so please list them in.  Also try some of the other meats such as lengua, cabeza, and tripas, I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

My thanks to the many hardworking Mexican families that operate these establishments that help make the Sacramento Valley a very special place.