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Stories from the valley

The Barn

Contributed by Roberta Firoved

They call it the Barn. It’s a new urban to nature structure on the Sacramento River front. Events and future development are planned for this historic space of land. Looking at the Barn one may ask, is the construction finished? What is the purpose of the Barn? Why is the Barn in a solitary location on the West Sacramento side of the Sacramento River?

Located in The Bridge District (TBD) of West Sacramento, the Barn is made of barn-like materials, built with purpose as a complete structure with no two views the same. The rounded overhangs were developed after the designer studied the movement of the sun across the days and seasons. The structure provides 6,000 square feet of shade during the hot summer months and light when the winter sun is low. Construction provides for a year-around outdoor entertainment venue.

The Barn will not look solitary one year from now. Development of the TBD, a somewhat triangular area of land skirted by the Tower Bridge Gateway, the Sacramento River and I-80, has been a thought-out process. The area includes the River Walk Trail, Raley Field and Ironworks at the Triangle. Future development calls for the remaining area to include ground-floor retail, offices and residential units for 9,000 new residents. Approximately 21 new homes will be built in 2017. In addition, The Barn will be the new location of the West Sacramento farmer’s market and with a special event held to commemorate the 2017 season.

Photo by Judy Farah
Photo by Judy Farah

Drake’s Brewing is the first permanent tenant at the Barn. Additional events include concerts and Off the Grid on Friday nights with Capitol Public Radio’s Nick Brunner. TEAMride classes on stationary bikes outdoors and fundraising dinner in support of the Center for Land-based Learning are examples of the current events.

Parking is free and usually in Lot F at 5th and Mill Streets, West Sacramento.

The City of West Sacramento has a history rich with agriculture and trade along the Sacramento River. The area south of Tower Bridge was completely occupied with industrial buildings and abandoned silos when I moved to West Sacramento in 1994.  I remember attending some of the initial public meetings to begin developing a general plan for the waterfront. West Sacramento has the most available space and area for growth.  It is an exciting time to live and work in West Sacramento!