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Stories from the valley

A Walk along the Sacramento River

Contributed by Steve Beckley

I was in Colusa the other day and saw the entrance for the Colusa Levee Scenic Park at Main and Fifth St.  Even though I had driven by the two park entrances many times, I never took the time to stop for a look.  Since I was early for a meeting, I stopped, went up on the levee and found a wonderful place in our county.

Colusa River Park 1The park is along the Sacramento River and encompasses about 2.19 acres and has picnic tables, barbecue pits and benches on the banquette.  Most impressive is the paved walking path on the top of the levee that runs from the bridge over the river to the Colusa- Sacramento River Recreational area.  This path is regularly used by the town’s residents.

Walking south on the levee brings in views of the bridge and Sutter Buttes and, as you head north, the landmark water towers of the Colusa Municipal Water District are in view.  The best view is to the east as the Sacramento River flows by.  The levee path runs parallel to Main Street on which many of Colusa’s historic buildings are located.  Several buildings have plaques identifying the area as the “Old Chinatown District” with one of the buildings constructed in 1877.  Also there is a monument by the bridge, recognizing the original swing bridge that was built in 1899-1901, which was replaced by the current bridge in 1980.

Colusa River Park 3The most important part of this park is the wonderful views and access it gives to the Sacramento River.  I remember my late parents mentioned many times they would get sandwiches in Colusa, go up to the Levee Park and have lunch.  I never even took a look before the other day. What a treasure I had been missing!