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Stories from the valley

California Honey Festival

Main Street Woodland was “buzzin” with activity and lots of people on Saturday as they attended the California Honey Festival. 

honey products sitting on a table

The Honey Festival is a free, family-friendly festival featuring honey of course, Honey Bee education, art, wine, beer, food, music, kids art, crafts, and other vendors.  Not only is the event fun but it educates the public on the role of bees in Sacramento Valley agriculture.  It celebrates and honors the hard-working bees that pollinate Sacramento Valley crops, including more than 140,000 acres of almonds and also hybrid sunflowers, vegetable seeds and other crops.

family taking a photo in front of California Honey Festival sign

Attendees got the opportunity to taste foods made with honey, visit with beekeepers, see bees, and of course take a selfie with the festival’s sign.