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Stories from the valley

Best day…ever!

Contributed by Tim Johnson

Well maybe not the best day of all time but it sure was a heck of a day! Normal until about 2:00 PM when the case of COLD Sacramento Dirt showed up! We were smiling.

Now farmers love dirt and the staff at the CRC office are no different. We love all things Ag-related. To say we were over the moon about a little dirt though seems a bit much. And cold dirt doesn’t seem like it would make it that much better.

In response, we would just say its time to open your mind. The case of cold Dirt was from Ruhstaller! Sacramento Dirt was there new ale and it is made with rice hulls. The bottle – Tule Fog!

Tule Fog 1

As I cradled the bottle in my hand, I went back to a conversation at Farm-to-Fork a year or so ago with the company interested in using rice in their beer. Sure I thought, and passed them to some suppliers.

A lot of folks talk about local but few deliver. Ruhstaller sure did. Clean, crisp and just right on a still hot October day the beer was fantastic. It did remind me of the low hanging fog so common in the Valley! It is a definite add to my personal and company ‘beer to bring’ list.

Check out their website for their great story where to find their many offerings.

A tip of the hat to a great local company making fantastic products with innovative local ingredients – like rice hulls! Look for some sushi headed your way soon guys. Our way of saying thanks!