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Stories from the valley

Celebrating Community

Contributed by Steve Beckley

On the last Sunday of October, the population and traffic in Arbuckle increase significantly as it is time for the community’s car show and depot birthday.  This event is run by community volunteers that make up the Arbuckle Revitalization Committee with a mission to “Refresh, Restore, and Revitalize the town of Arbuckle.’

As I walked around the celebration, there’s no doubt that they are accomplishing that goal.  Over 300 cars lined the streets of the town, volunteers cooked and served a great tri-tip lunch, and the town’s youth marched in a Halloween parade.  There were plenty of pirates, superheroes, princesses, and other characters in the parade.  But the real super heroes are the people that volunteer for this event and others that have made a significant difference in Arbuckle in regards to community pride and improvements.

ACar 2-

I always have a great time visiting with friends and am especially impressed with the cars that are entered by local farmers and other individuals involved in the area’s agriculture. With harvest winding down, they have a little more time to shine up these wonderful automobiles.

ACar 3

The communities in the Sacramento Valley are very lucky to have volunteers that work hard to make their towns a better place.