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Stories from the valley

Customer Service is alive and well in the Northern Sacramento Valley

Contributed by Paul Buttner

I finished out my summer vacation season by spending four enjoyable days on a houseboat at Lake Shasta.  I was pleasantly surprised to see plenty of water and enjoyed a long weekend of fishing and watersports.  We caught plenty of trout, a few giant catfish and pulled kids around behind a ski boat rented from Bridge Bay.

boy tubing on a lake

I had a potentially stressful start to my vacation however.  After picking up my fishing boat from the shop and launching it, I quickly realized I was taking on water and had no bilge pump operating.  That’s a pretty bad combination!  Luckily, I chose a boat repair place that solidly stands behind their work.  Upon learning about my situation, Chris Elias, Owner of Nor Cal Watersports in Redding, personally drove out to the lake to repair my boat.  When he found that he couldn’t fix it there, he actually hooked my boat trailer to his truck and hauled it into his shop so I could continue my family time on the lake uninterrupted.  A few hours later, Chris re-launched my repaired boat and delivered it to me out on the lake.  Amazing!

man holding a just-caught fish

Chris, thank you for going above and beyond to make sure my family’s boating vacation stayed on track despite my misbehaving boat.

This example of good will is a testament to the authentic, hardworking people we have here in the Sacramento Valley.