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Stories from the valley

Historic project gaining steam

Contributed by Jim Morris

Arbuckle is the only town I’ve been to where a complete stranger offered me Carnitas.  (It happened during their homecoming week as I walked past the local hardware store – which shows you how friendly a place it is!)

During my recent visit, I was amazed at the civic pride in this Colusa County community. A veteran’s memorial features manicured roses. The nearby park was extremely well kept. I could practically hear the field of dreams music from the newly refurbished little league field – complete with lights for evening games!

Arbuckle Train Station -2One building that caught my eye was the old train depot, which was fenced off and in need of some TLC.  Built in 1875, it served for generations as a key link to moving farm goods throughout the Sacramento Valley and beyond.

Much to my delight, I heard from County Supervisor Kim Dolbow Vann that a major restoration is in the works for the depot. She says work is underway to get a National Historic Monument designation. Through federal transportation funds, plans are for the depot to be relocated about 15 feet, getting it away from the railroad tracks and allowing for a major refurbishment. The end product would be a museum chronicling the immense role railroads played in our region.

This is one of the last train depots of its kind and I’m so pleased to hear it will be lovingly restored.  When the project is complete within a few years, this will be one more reason to venture north on I-5 and stop to visit Arbuckle.

That and the Carnitas, of course!