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It’s fall in the Sacramento Valley and, as for many high school seniors like myself, that means college applications.  Where I’ll go to school next year is uncertain right now, although one thing remains clear: the Sacramento Valley helped picked my major and is a special place to me.  Here’s what I will miss if I’m far from this place next year. 

Photo credit: Steve Beckley

Farms and Food

Growing up in Davis, I see food popping up around every corner. 

One can’t miss the fields of tomatoes, corn and sunflowers that spring up each summer. I commute to Sacramento every day, over the causeway.   At times I spy rice fields along the causeway and in other parts of the valley. Every time I pass by these fields I think of my mom saying, “that’s your sushi rice.”

In Davis, we are fortunate to have a farmers’ market that has an array of fresh produce. Drive about twenty minutes west, and you will run into a small town of Winters. There are many great restaurants within this town.  One of my all-time favorites is Putah Creek Cafe, the amazing omelets served with a side of potatoes won’t let you down. Living in and around agricultural towns has helped grow my love of food and create a personal curiosity about food and its impact on health and humanity.  I plan to study Nutrition and Communications in college.  

Running on the River and elsewhere

The Sacramento Valley has an abundance of trails that pass right by the American River. These trails will always have a special place in my heart. The past four years, I have run high school cross country and I have been able to run right along the American River. The scenery is truly spectacular. I get sad thinking my river runs are coming to an end this year. Tahoe also has breathtaking runs, both visually and physically. In Tahoe, the views make the entire run worthwhile.   

You never appreciate what you have until it’s gone they say, luckily the Sacramento Valley will always be my true home sweet home.