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Stories from the valley

Our own personal waterfall!

Contributed by Jim Morris

Seeing the majestic waterfalls at Yosemite is amazing to be sure, but unless you go in the middle of winter, you’re going to share that view with a plethora of visitors from around the globe.

Northern California has its own spectacular water displays, including Burney and Feather Falls. After seeing an interesting article from the Appeal-Democrat on Beale Falls, I had to check it out with son RJ.

Located in the Spenceville Wildlife Area in Yuba County, this is a part of the North State that few get to see. It’s about 20 minutes outside of Marysville via Highway 20, then another 20 minutes of rural roads to the trailhead.

We saw four people on our hike to the falls, which included large Oak trees, a meandering trail, lots of greenery as well as birds, lizards and grazing cattle.  The payoff was reaching the top of the waterfall, which was much larger than we anticipated.

Beale 1

Each of the smattering of hikers we met along the five-mile hike were so friendly. (When you’re enjoying the outdoors it’s hard to frown.) Frodo the pack dog was another highlight.

Beale 2

Our exploration of Yuba County was one of those memorable father-son moments.  I’ll cherish it and am glad I didn’t have to share it with the masses.

Beale 3

For beauty and quiet moments with nature, the Sacramento Valley is hard to beat!