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Stories from the valley

The Smallest of the Small Towns

Contributed by Jim Morris

I have a passion for small towns. That’s good news for my work week, as the Sacramento Valley is full of them. I find them peaceful and, from my observations, it seems many of them do more things together, like high school football games, spaghetti feeds, etc.

While heading east on Highway 299 from Redding to Burney Falls, the Ingot town sign caught my eye. On my return, I stopped and glimpsed at an interesting relic from the past.

This micro town, ironically, is home to the old Afterthought Mine. A claim was staked there in the 1860s, with the promise of rich deposits of copper. Several owners gave it a go before the mine closed 90-years later. However, before closing, the mine reportedly produced nearly 160,000 tons of crude sulfide ore, making it one of the richest mines in Shasta County.

If you’re traveling in the North State and have a few moments, check out this historic site. There’s a pull out heading east on Highway 299 that gives you a good view of the mine from across a creek.

Here’s some more information from an informative blog known as Calexplornia on this self-titled afterthought from rural Northern California.